Client: African Development Bank

Their challenge: After the first 5-year cycle of the USD 1 billion Enhanced Private Sector Assistance (EPSA) initiative, the African Development Bank wanted to showcase achievements and position the project as one that had a beneficial impact on people's lives beyond its stated goal of boosting the private sector.

How I helped:

  • Worked with technical program managers to tease out the most compelling evidence of impact

  • Managed a graphic designer and photographer to tell a powerful story about EPSA’s results across a suite of branded products, including results briefs, basic collateral and Portraits of Transformation, a coffee table book featuring beneficiaries of EPSA investments

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Client: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, OECD Development Assistance Committee Secretariat, Government of Ghana, Government of Botswana

Their challenge: Each client wanted to involve a set of internal stakeholders in a structured discussion about communications, brand or positioning. They needed an external facilitator to keep deliberations on track, add legitimacy to the process and ensure full participation.

How I helped: 

  • Designed 1-5 day workshops, including presentations, handouts and interactive activities

  • Advised management on future planning based on workshop proceedings

  • In some cases, provided strategic guidance on the development of a communications and branding strategy


Client: The Partnership in Statistics for Development in the 21st Century (PARIS21)

Their challenge: PARIS21 produced detailed guidelines for developing countries on how to take advantage of the data revolution for their development. This long and technical "road map" required clear messaging, strong branding and sharp outreach tools to stand out among other reports being developed around the same topic.

How I helped: 

  • Developed an outreach and visibility strategy, including branding and messaging, a pre-launch social media campaign, outreach to national governments and development of communications products

  • Provided creative direction on the road map document itself and on a short video promoting the project

  • Oversaw content and design on collateral

  • Provided general strategic guidance to ensure brand coherence across activities and products

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Client: UNESCO

Their challenge: The United Nations Secretary-General launched the Global Education First Initiative (GEFI) to ensure that education remained a priority on the global social development and financing agendas. UNESCO, as the secretariat for the multi-stakeholder partnership, needed help reframing GEFI's main advocacy points in the context of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda.

How I helped: 

  • Drafted strategic messages

  • Recommended a series of cost-effective activities, products and channels through which to push out the messages

  • Reviewed the landscape of influencers outside the education sector, proposing several as “message ambassadors” to key demographic groups


Client: Global consulting firm

Their challenge: The firm's leadership had amassed deep expertise and experience around several social issues. They wanted to better showcase that knowledge in the digital space and increase the visibility of the people behind it.

How I helped: 

  • Developed a digital positioning strategy for a handful of senior executives to establish them as sector experts, deeply engaged online with their community of practice

  • Supported executives around select activities, developing content and identifying the most relevant online opportunities and platforms to promote their thinking