Client: Valerie Chisholm, curator and producer

Their challenge: Chisholm curated “A Stitch in Time: 1800-2000,” the 25th anniversary exhibition of the Black Fashion Museum and, years later, produced a symposium on Ethiopian painter Skunder Boghossian at the Corcoran Gallery of Art. For both events, she wanted strong media coverage and to increase public awareness of the historic institution and Boghossian’s legacy.

How I helped:

  • Developed a PR and media relations strategy
  • Pitched media, securing coverage in several print, radio and television outlets, including T: The New York Times Style Magazine and Pacifica Radio
  • Interviewed Hugh Masekela and Terry McMillan, collectors of Boghossian’s art, for a video that was featured during the symposium



Client: UNAIDS and WHO

Their challenge: UNAIDS and WHO were part of a major, multi-partner public health initiative in sub-Saharan Africa that needed strong leadership and clear direction for its advocacy work.

How I helped:

  • Conducted a situation analysis of global, regional and national actors, advocating around the issue to identify gaps, determine how to engage the most important actors and to identify which organizations might take a leading role
  • Developed global and regional advocacy strategies, which the Gates Foundation invited UNAIDS and WHO to present at a major conference in Zambia
  • Created a roadmap for strategic implementation

Client: ICCROM - International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property

Their challenge:  ICCROM was celebrating its 60th anniversary and needed to revamp its annual report to celebrate the milestone and reflect new strategic directions and a push for increased engagement.

How I helped:

  • Reconceptualized the report to better showcase ICCROM’s story and impact, and to be more user-friendly and engaging
  • Helped articulate the strategic goals, messages and audiences for the publication 
  • Provided editorial, production and creative guidance
  • Helped select images to illustrate the report from the massive database of award-winning photographer, Reza Deghati


Client: OECD Development Centre

Their challenge: The European Union and OECD Development Centre launched a Youth Inclusion project to help governments better respond to the needs of young people through evidence-based policies. Project managers needed a communication strategy to get the main findings and tools into the hands of target audiences. 

How I helped:

  • Developed an integrated strategy that leveraged campaigns, publications, social media, events, web stories, radio programming and media to reach key players ranging from national NGOs to policy makers and development experts
  • Developing journalistic profiles of youth in the 10 project pilot countries based on interviews (ongoing)
  • Advising on the structure and content of an online platform that will feature the youth profiles and other project outputs (ongoing)

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Client: World Bank - Senegal

Their challenge: In 2014, the Government of Senegal designed Plan Senegal Emergent, a new development strategy aimed at making the country an emerging economy by 2035. The production of quality statistics to monitor poverty, inequality and the impact of reforms became even more vital. The World Bank engaged me to help the national statistical office in their ambitious drive to give greater value, visibility and transparency to the data the office produces.

How I helped:

  • Traveled to Senegal and conducted interviews for a stakeholder mapping and analysis
  • Developed an outreach strategy based on the mapping and analysis and produced a marketing plan to mobilise key stakeholders within the national statistical system around the strategy and its activities


Client: New York Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum

Their challenge: The No Child Left Behind Act introduced massive changes to the New York City Public School System. The Public Advocate wanted to be sure that parents of the poorest children in the system were aware of everything that affected their children under the reforms.

How I helped:

  • Researched and wrote a comprehensive brochure that outlined the new rules, structures and opportunities for children and parents, translating the complex jargon of the Act into instructional, user-freindly text 

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Client: A large international agency

Their challenge: The agency wanted to evaluate the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability of its external communications program.

How I helped:

  • Conducted a content audit of the agency’s communication products (print publications, audio-visual materials, social media, website content), using website analytics and survey results, and through phone interviews with key target audiences
  • Provided a detailed analysis and recommendations for making cost-effective yet impactful improvements